• Mental chaos. Emotional turmoil. High blood pressure. Sound familiar? Most everybody experiences these kinds of challenges at some point. What can be done? Enter the art of meditation.


    Meditation has been defined variously but, according to Merriam-Webster, meditation is to engage in contemplation or reflection. It can also mean to engage in mental exercise for the purpose of reaching a heightened level of spiritual awareness.


    When I think of meditation, I like to combine the two definitions given by Merriam-Webster into something like the following:

  • New art show in Anacortes! I'm happy to be featured with other local artists in the 98221 Gallery show, sponsored by the Anacortes Arts Comission. The show is now live and runs from Dec 2021-May 15, 2022.


    A unique feature of this show is that art will be available to take home immediately after being purchased. If an artist sells a piece, they'll then have the option to add another piece of art to fill the space. That means it will be a revolving show so visiting periodically should provide a different set of art with each subsequent visit. Fun!

  • Announcing The Museum of Northwest Art's 2021 art auction!


    MoNA holds these auctions annually but this year has the added distinction of being their 40 year anniversary. That's a major milestone, alright. I speak from experience, having recently crossed the 40-year threshold as well.


    I'm participating in MoNA's auction for my first time with a submission of the 4 images below. These are all from my A Tree A Day collection from 2019. Some art from this collection is still available in my website store but these four will be among the more than 300 pieces in MoNA's auction.