98221 Gallery Show

New art show in Anacortes! I'm happy to be featured with other local artists in the 98221 Gallery show, sponsored by the Anacortes Arts Comission. The show is now live and runs from Dec 2021-May 15, 2022.


The Gallery is located at City Hall (904 Sixth Street) and is open from 8 am to 5 pm Monday through Friday. Art is available for sale with a portion of the price going to the purchase of public art in Anacortes. Purchases can be made in the Parks and Recreation office. Hint: art is displayed in the main entry and hall as well as the chamber at end of hall.


I should also mention a unique feature of this show. Art will be available to take home immediately after being purchased. If an artist sells a piece, they'll then have the option to add another piece of art to fill the space. That means it will be a revolving show so visiting periodically should provide a different set of art with each subsequent visit. Fun!


My special thanks go out to Art Commissioners Terry MacDonald and her husband, as well as Laura Hamilton and her partner, Zack Wight for organizing this show and for hanging the art!


Here are the 3 pieces I submitted and are currently on display. These are all from my A Tree A Day collection from 2019. Some art from this collection is still available in my website store.

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