Hello Hermez

It’s that time of month again. I mean that time when another one of my character designs steps onto the stage. This is Hermez, the second character under my new Modern Gawdz™ line.

Character design of Hermez from the Modern Gawdz line by David Oliver

Hermez is an all-around great guy but, due to his all-around greatness he can be somewhat arrogant at times. He’s working on it. These things take time!


Like all of the Modern Gawdz, Hermez is loosely inspired by one of the gods of Greek Mythology. As you’ve likely already figured out, the inspiration for Hermez is Hermes. But, again, I’ve employed a fairly loose and open-ended type of inspiration.


Actually, just about all of the Greek gods have more complex histories and lore than you might imagine. In many cases, if you were to try to combine all of the disparate traditional stories, symbols, and characteristics of one of the Greek gods into a single, all-encompassing amalgam, it would get pretty complicated and confusing.


So I liberally pick and choose and just have fun with it!


One of Hermez’ more intriguing characteristics that I borrowed from the traditional Greek lore is his role as messenger of the gods. More particularly, his ability to carry messages to/from the invisible world. But who or what does Hermez communicate with in the invisible world? And what is the invisible world, for that matter?


Only time can unveil the developing saga of the Modern Gawdz.

Modern Gawdz Hermez development stages

Time, and KVN ELVN FOOTWEAR. That’s right, sneakers. My collaborator, KVN ELVN (Read, Kevin Eleven) just dropped the HERMEZ-TWO-ELVN sneakers as the second release of 2019. The HERMEZ-TWO-ELVNs are only available via preorder on kvnelvn.com at present but the first shipments of the AREZ-ONE-ELVN are expected to arrive in New York any day now. Good things come to those who wait!

Photo of the HERMEZ-TWO-ELVN sneaker colorway designed by KVN ELVN FOOTWEAR

I have to say these are fresh, fresh, fresh.

In other news I made it to ECCC this year. The Emerald City Comic Con was big, noisy, and crowded. But my, was there ART. So much art that you couldn’t even see it all in one day. Comic cons have developed into very interesting conglomerates over the years. Although comics are still primary, there are many other related and unrelated artists and exhibitors.

Anyway, this year I was mainly treating my day at ECCC as a reconnaissance mission. I’ve been thinking of setting up my own table or booth at some local art shows as a way to sell some art and interact with the community more directly. I talked to quite a few artists and got some great information, ideas, and suggestions.

Artistic adventures abound!

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