Opening the Eye of Wisdom to See the World in a New Light

Illustration of yogi in deep meditation whose third eye is opening

How do you see the world? The eye of wisdom is spoken of by the yogis and mystics as being the portal to true seeing. This is why the sages of India are called rishis—lit. seers. Seers of the truth that all is divine. All is filled with consciousness. But can one's perception of the world really be changed in such a radical way as the sages and mystics describe? Yes!


So how is this done? And is there proof this can be done?


There are many established methods of expanding our awareness in this way. The saints and sages of India call these methods yogas or paths to union with the Divine. Swami Vivekananda nicely summarizes the multiple types of yoga into four primary catagories: The yoga of meditation and personal psychic control, the yoga of philosophical inquiry, the yoga of love and devotion, and the yoga of selfless action. Each of these four types of yoga can be expounded in depth but Swami Vivekananda himself presents them in a most compelling way in the book, The Yogas and Other Works, which is published by the Ramakrishna - Vivekananda Center of New York.


Other mystical traditions approach the challenge of awakening our higher states of consciouness in other ways. Some of them include the contemplative prayer of the Christians, trance-inducing dances of the Sufis, consumption of mind-altering plants of indigineous people, and many more. The goal, however, is always the same—to awaken a more enlightened perception of our own essential nature as well as the world around.


The proof is that there have been countless saints and mystics who have achieved this pearl of great price. They've awakened a higher state of awareness and have become transformed thereby. Long-held attachments fall away. Unconditional love dawns in the heart. And lasting peace and contentment radiate from such individuals, affecting all who come within their sphere of influence.


The image above is a pencil drawing with digital colors and textures. It shows a man deep in meditation, whose eye of wisdom is awakening to allow him the vision Divine.



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